How Psychic is Your Brand…Really?

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This infographic was originally published in the Fall 2013 issue of Customer Strategist.

So many companies pride themselves on being able to collect and analyze information about customer needs, preferences, and interests. They throw around terms like Voice of the Customer, Big Data analysis, and customer strategy as proof that they really understand their customers. But, in reality the business world does not really listen to customers beyond the surface, if at all. Information goes largely unused, and most companies cannot anticipate the unspoken needs of cus­tomers. They are missing out on a huge opportunity to deliver on customer expectations by being psychic in their customer interactions.

According to TTEC’s Psychic Brands study, nearly half (43 percent) of marketing leaders grade their companies’ psychic abilities as a 7 or higher, on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 means “not at all psychic” and 10 repre­sents “we are completely psychic.” Yet by comparison, only 6 percent of consumers believe they’ve ever interacted with a psychic brand. In the infographic below, learn more about the perceptions marketers and consumers have about being psychic. Then, determine what steps your company can take to bridge the psychic gap and ultimately create a frictionless experience for your customers.

How Psychic is Your Brand…Really?