How to Champion Memorable Customer Experiences

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Good or bad, the experiences your customers have drastically affect brand loyalty and perception. That’s why it’s essential that you create memorable moments that drive personal relationships and foster effortless joy that can be shared in-person or social media.  
Fortunately, I had the opportunity to discuss the power of creating remarkable customer experiences with the CX author and host of the Experience This! podcast, Dan Gingiss. In our webinar, Mystify your copycat competitors effortless CX, we had an amazing talk around fostering authenticity and shared examples of organizations that are championing simply being human.

Be effortlessly clever

Dan pointed out in the beginning that ‘words don’t cost anything, have fun with them.’ The most memorable brands don’t shy away from a witty customer-facing mindset that takes a unique approach to real customer issues.
He recalled receiving the Nebraska State Travel Guide in his mail. At first look it appeared like any other pamphlet. But in the fine print in the corner, it said, ‘Nebraska, honestly, it's not for everyone.’ What is so crucial here is that while it’s funny, it’s also being brave. It’s acknowledging that their product or service isn’t for everyone and that’s being authentic.
The point being, your brand doesn’t have to become the next Wendy’s or Taco Bell Twitter, but what you can do is have fun with your messaging to reveal what you really represent: an experience that is open to everyone.

Foster amazing experiences

Create an immersive experience where customers can interact, share, and grow with the brand they love. This can be divided into two parts:
  1. Make your customers feel like they are experiencing the brand
  2. Make these brand experiences consistent 

This means no matter what channel, social media platform, or employee a customer switches to, the experience is great, and it’s always the same level of greatness. Inconsistent experiences are the death of what could have been many potentially great customer experiences. A poor customer support handoff or a lack of communication can do a lot of damage.
A real champion of this mentality is Imperfect Foods, a produce subscription box that sends foods that were rejected on appearance but are fine to eat. The organization’s mission is preventing food waste, and it makes its customers a part of that journey by gamifying the impact their orders have on their environment. Customers who save food from landfills by ordering from this brand are given rewards and recognition for their positive impact on the world.
Any brand can have a great message, the truly successful ones take their customers along for the ride.

Aim for extraordinary

Never miss a moment to ‘wow’ your customers. Lead a culture that understands that personalization and human care can make even a bad experience memorable. Consider what even the tiniest of efforts can do to make your customers day easier or better, whether it’s remembering their favorite order or greeting them with a smile.
The online pet retailer Chewy, got this right when a customer left a negative review of a cat product on their website. The reviewer, who was only leaving their input, was proactively reached out to by Chewy and offered a refund, alternative products, and a spot for their cat on their pet wall of fame. The brand took extraordinary efforts for a customer comment that wasn’t even asking for a refund.
Show your customers that going the extra-mile is in your brand DNA. Inspire brand advocates by taking the time to be responsive and proactive to customer issues and social posts to show you are listening.

Customer experience begins with humanity

Beginning your customer experience journey starts with one tangible concept: Deliver on your principles. The brands that succeeded during, before, and after these times of uncertainty are those who show that they understand their customers. If there is one lesson to pull from Dan and my conversation, it’s that brand authenticity is a necessity.
To hear more about how to separate yourself from others, listen to the full webinar, Mystify your copycat competitors effortless CX, today.