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Sales success is essential for organizations to thrive. But, achieving sales growth on its own isn’t enough. Savvy business leaders know that they need to both deliver on their sales promises and ensure a great customer experience.

Despite their good intentions, there are many companies struggling to accomplish both sides. Some are succeeding in one area, only to fall flat when it comes to the other, leading to long-term problems.

A major communications leader, which provides advanced video, high-speed internet, and telephone services to around 5.5 million residential and business customers, was facing such a problem. In 2009, the brand hadn’t met its sales goals for almost two years. Close rates from both inbound sales calls and click-to-chat conversations were dismal while performance numbers had been steadily declining for months. Disappointed with their incumbent vendor, the company wanted to find a new partner.

It was important for the communications company that improvements in sales wouldn’t be achieved at the detriment of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Recognizing our success in this field and our track record of revolutionizing the customer experience, this communications leader decided to implement our expertise. Over a three-month period, the company’s online chat sales program was transitioned from the previous vendor to our revenue generation associates.

The success of this program hinged on having the right associates. We used our expert recruiting methods to ensure that ideal candidates were selected for the program. The second step was to carry out extensive training to make sure we deliver the highest standard of customer experience while at the same time using end-to-end sales channel solutions to improve engagement and extend the customer lifecycle. It was imperative for associates to understand the company’s products and its bundled triple play sales strategy as well as their positioning, branding, and competitive differentiators, allowing them to effectively communicate offers to customers, thus improving the experience.

Within 90 days, our highly trained associates outperformed their predecessors in all key categories, managing to increase the company’s Net Promoter Score™ (NPS®).  Early success was followed by seven consecutive quarters of improvement in the client’s primary Close Rate sales metric. Now the communications leader had a more efficient inbound sales program, allowing it to quickly generate millions of dollars and accelerate revenue growth while enhancing customer loyalty.

Sales goals continued being reached long term, triggering sales managers to lift the bar after nine months. And, we continued to meet its targets. One example relates to previously underperforming chat, where the number of orders was falling short. With our associates manning the chat function, the communications company not only met its target goals, but was able to increase them.

Further, the new program is driving top line revenue, with our team increasing the chat sales conversion rate by more than 62 percent while the amount of revenue generated for every chat went up by more than 51 percent, compared to the previous vendor. Within a year, our associates secured more than 200,000 new customers, generating $15.6 million in additional recurring revenue every month and securing $8.7 million in one-time sales.

A standardized exit survey was used to effectively measure the customer experience and determine the team’s NPS. Customers and prospects gave their experience a “top box” score more than 60 percent of the time. Our team immediately reached its NPS target of 25 or higher and increased it by up to 20 percent.

These results show that we were successful in accelerating revenue month over month while at the same time increasing NPS. This achievement showcases our superior and more effective revenue generation service.

What’s more important is the fact that our success translated into results for our client. The communications leader has increased its customer base and is able to deliver a great experience, leading to a win-win situation.

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