Happy Social Media Day! Now Tweet Your Way to Customer Care Excellence

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Social media is so widely used today that companies need to tweet their way to customer care excellence. Don’t believe me? June 30th is Social Media Day. That’s right. The social media movement is so big now that it has its own day. So, stop ignoring social customer service and start embracing it. Here’s how you can make your business tweet and earn points with your customers while you’re at it.
  According to this Click Labs infographic, 34 percent of marketers use Twitter to generate leads and 20 percent close deals using Twitter. This micro-blogging service uses short text messages and helps companies connect with customers, market deals, analyze trends, increase brand loyalty, and acquire new leads and customers. In fact, an astounding 75 percent of twitter-ers are more likely to buy from brands they follow.

But, how important is Twitter when it comes to customer care excellence? Twitter hosts potentially four million customer service conversations monthly. According to Click Labs, as many as 1,000,000 people read tweets about customer service each week, and 80 percent of all customer service tweets are negative or contain criticism. What’s worse: fewer than 50 percent of companies are actively responding to these inquiries, says eConsultancy.com. This means that brands are letting their reputations be damaged and standing by the wayside while at-risk customers tell all their friends about their bad experiences.

What’s stopping companies from implementing social customer care? Many companies struggle with the challenge of combining multiple customer service communication channels into a single platform that makes it easy to serve today’s digital customers, while others fail at connecting the dots between social customer service and the bottom line. But, companies are finding ways to overcome these challenges.

They are using customer experience technologies to aggregate customer feedback from much more than just social media. Modern solutions monitor and unite data across multiple channels, including phone calls, websites, mobile applications, and social media channels. Then, the technology consolidates the input, segments brand detractors from the promoters, and does the hard work for you. It provides action plans that allow companies to easily amplify the voices of their brand promoters and throw a lifeline to the detractors. With real-time alerts, companies are leveraging these technologies to improve organizational responsiveness and build loyalty—socially. If you start now, you can launch your social customer care on Social Media Day next year. Read more about these technology-based solutions here.