Dying vs. Thriving: Customer Experience Revolutions Cause the Most Industry Disruption

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It seems to be happening at an accelerated pace today: technologies are changing our lives, altering our world, and disrupting industries. But, when you stop and evaluate the technologies that have caused the most industry disruption, you’ll notice that these are the same technologies that have revolutionized the customer experience. Why do industry disruption and customer experience revolutions go hand in hand? And, what does this mean for your business? In TTEC’s ongoing blog series on technologies that transform the customer experience, we reflect on technological disruptions across the industries and use this lens to look into our future.
Technologies have been changing our lives for a long time. According to this infographic, created by Compuware, some of the most significant technological disruptions include the steam engine, the telegraph, the light bulb, the internal combustion engine, the airplane, the transistor, as well as modern computer technologies. But alongside these amazing inventions, tombstones abound—for these are the industries and companies that could never adapt to new technologies. And today, the world runs on technology.

The most impacted businesses include the transportation, communications, and entertainment industries, and these are the same arenas in which the customer experience was dramatically transformed. With lights, telephones, and cars, people were more mobile, more efficient, and more connected than ever before. As Newton’s law dictates, however, each action has a separate and equal reaction. For every lifestyle improvement and technologically advanced customer experience, businesses, and entire industries were turned on their heads. These two occurrences are inextricably linked. When technologies transform the customer experience, they also deeply disrupt industries. Newton lovers and physicists might even argue that customer experience revolutions are the actual cause of industry disruption. 

Regardless of which comes first and what causes what, this unique pairing should be a warning sign to business leaders today. We are witnessing a wave of technological change that is dramatically transforming the customer experience. More and more industries are being disrupted, and this new wave of technology could quite possibly leave an even larger number of casualties in its wake. Business leaders should take a long and careful look at customer experience-related technologies and be aware that their adoption decisions could be the difference between thriving and dying.

This infographic was created by Compuware, and this article summarizes some of its contents. The original infographic is here.