Customer Experience Today and Tomorrow

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Research shows that promoters – customers who are most likely to recommend your company – are 5.2 times more likely to make additional purchases from your company. In response, companies are investing in the customer experience to differentiate their offerings and keep their most valuable customers spending. Yet, without the right processes in place, many of these companies will struggle to realize all the benefits associated with stellar customer experience offerings.
According to an infographic by Temkin Group, 62 percent of large companies have goals to become customer experience leaders within three years. In order to help these companies achieve this goal, the Temkin Group outlines four customer experience core competencies. These core competencies, including purposeful leadership, compelling brand values, customer connectedness, and employee engagement, ultimately serve as a guide for companies looking to build and sustain customer experience differentiation. In the infographic below, learn more about the effects these competencies can have on turning your laggards into promoters.

Customer Experience Today and Tomorrow  

This infographic was created by Temkin Group, and this article summarizes some of its contents. The original infographic is here.