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Success is important for business results. And in our case, our success is tied directly to our clients’ business outcomes.  So, when we succeed in making our clients more profitable, only then have we done our job.  We’re honored to serve such customer-centric clients, allowing us to engage with their customers to increase revenue, deepen brand relationships, and improve sales results.  Our dedicated team members, innovative technologies, and processes have earned our Growth Services division a coveted award. We won the Gold Stevie award as the Sales Outsourcing Provider of the Year for the second year in a row.
Our Growth Services division prides itself on putting our clients first and making sure that each one of them is successful. We leverage our experience and technology to help them engage with their own customers in highly differentiated ways that are particularly effective for each one of them. This strategy has been instrumental in helping some of our clients achieve tremendous results. For example, using our unique and integrated sales and marketing solutions, one of our automotive clients delivered $50 million in increased profit by selling almost 10,000 vehicles through dealers in one year alone. 

One of our differentiators lies in our core belief in the diversity of each client, and even if they are encountering similar challenges, the solution is never exactly the same. Understanding this is crucial, and a significant portion of our success is tied to the fact that we tailor our adaptive revenue generation platform to the unique needs of every single client. Our approach has helped some of the most successful companies in the world overcome their challenge of increasing revenue while delivering relevant, personalized, and seamless customer experiences each and every time. Today’s discerning customers know to do business with brands that treat them as individuals, who understand their unique challenges. With our help, a financial services company leveraged marketing analytics and multichannel marketing campaigns to increase asset growth for 250,000 of their clients by $1 billion. We developed a multitouch and multichannel marketing program for this financial firm, which upped customer engagement by 60 percent while churn rates were reduced by between 60 and 80 percent. This example, and many others, explains why we increased clients’ Net Promoter Score to +24 from +11 the prior year, a good deal better than average firms which sputter along at an NPS of 5 and 10.

Organizations are working hard to turn their customers into advocates. But, it all starts with making sure employees are happy and proud to work at your company. We’re proud to say that last year 85 percent of our employees said they would recommend the company to family and friends which is why 50 percent of our new hires come from employee referrals.

We decided to share our successes with the Stevie Award committee and were humbled to receive recognition by being named Sales Outsourcing Provider of the Year, winning the Gold award in this category at the 7th annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.  While we don’t like to blow our own trumpet, preferring instead to be modest about our successes, we believe that it’s important to underline this achievement, especially since the Stevies are the world’s top sales, contact center, and customer service awards. Our team includes some of the most passionate sales and marketing professionals who work tirelessly to make sure our clients succeed. This award recognizes their efforts and we wanted to tell the world about the great people, processes, and technologies that are achieving such positive results for our clients.