Are Mothers the All-Powerful Customers?

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This Mother’s Day, we explore the question: Are mothers (and mommy bloggers) your most valuable customers?
Mom Bloggers: A Force to be Reckoned With 

There’s no doubt that moms are invaluable. They work long hours at home, and more and more often today, they have an office job, too. In exchange for their labor, they willingly accept less pay or simply a child’s love as compensation. But, how valuable are they as your customers? Mothers are making on average 83-87 percent of all purchase decisions, according to reports from Hightable.com. They even top men in categories such as home-improvement projects and electronics. Women in general “control $12 trillion of the overall $18.4 trillion in global consumer spending,” according to Catalyst.org.And, the value of mother customers seems to escalate even further when you take into account the social media megaphones in their hands. This infographic from JumpThru.net says mommy bloggers are influential forces that should not be ignored. Their power and authority is growing. In fact, 72 percent of mom bloggers are taken more seriously today than they were just one year ago, and 53 percent of blog readers trust the information and advice they read.

So, should companies rethink who they are marketing to and how? How should brands appeal to and connect with moms? Here are some things companies can do to ensure they are building relationships and tapping into the purchasing power of mothers:
  1. Craft a brand story or marketing message to specifically connect with the mom audience. Communication theories state that women communicate to make a connection, while men communicate to report information. So, think about how your product or service makes a connection with moms and simplifies their lives.
  2. Implement a voice of the customer program and specifically reach out to mothers. Moms have always been conversation focused and driven by personal references and word of mouth marketing. So, target your mother customers for more in-depth focus groups and customer feedback programs.
  3. Invite moms to review your product or service. Since mother knows best, the value of this consumer-generated content has a much higher payback potential.
  4. Make it easy for moms to share their experiences on your social media networks. Remember—moms who like you and follow you on social media are often your best customers, so treat them as such. Segment mother customers and evaluate their unique customer behavior and preferences. Then, craft relevant marketing messages and campaigns designed to increase their share of wallet.

How are you connecting with mothers and focusing on this high-value customer group? Share your thoughts with us below.  

This is infographic was designed by Tina Gong and published by mytechletter. The original infographic is here.