Bring efficiencies to your front- and back-office operations with intelligent automation technology. Optimize the resources associates need to solve customer queries and reduce cost to serve by automating compatible customer interactions and business processes.

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Enable effortless experiences
and virtually deliver at scale

The number of inquiries coming into contact centers has increased dramatically and as a result, wait times for resolution are incredibly high. How can you minimize the effort and cost involved with meeting customers' needs while factoring in business outcomes? Turn to an industry-recognized customer experience and intelligent automation expert with ultra-modern technology, superior CX strategy, and first-rate training capabilities to help you navigate through the new normal. Our AutomateNOW suite of solutions lets you increase efficiencies and improve CX by automating repetitive processes and augmenting the associate experience with AI. Add intelligent automation to your brick and mortar and remote contact center operations at scale within two weeks and optimize for the future.


Leverage intelligent automation and AI to improve employee productivity, operational KPIs and customer experiences, while also reducing cost to serve

associate productivity
savings with automation
in FCR
AHT reduction depending
upon process

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AutomateNOW suite of solutions to enable effortless experiences



Empower frontline employees
and boost digital collaboration

WorkshareNOW optimizes frontline employees and boosts collaboration in the digital space with a workforce solution that combines case management and intelligent automation. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps process back office work, allowing for the automation of common, high-volume, repetitive tasks, leading to cost savings and greater efficiency, while Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) assists the agent in handling simple repetitive tasks in the applications they use every day. And our solutions can be implemented seamlessly as they do not require changes to underlying applications, so they can be applied to any application space, even legacy or custom applications. WorkshareNOW also decouples infrastructure deficiencies hindering the efficiency of your agents and improves team utilization by enabling a select number of fully equipped agents to delegate work to a larger number of team members, with additional assistance of automation bots. Also improve CSAT by expediating customer wait times with our automated decision engine and intelligent routing. 



Free up resources with automation and agent assistance on emails

EmailNOW allows you to automate email processes up to 100% and support agents with relevant information to simplify their tasks on the rest. Eliminate friction points and get the right problem to the right employees or bots at the right time, to help improve operational KPIs and reduce cost to serve. For example, triage inbound emails based on customer intent using Natural Language Processing to free up resources and equip your associates to serve your customers better and faster. Automate end-to-end and provide straight through processing, so that emails that can be fully automated will be immediately completed by email bot. EmailNOW also provides analysis, agent assistance, and self learning throughout all components of email processing lifecycle, to help you optimize the right balance of human and bot implementation. 



Discover process automation
and coaching opportunities

SuperviseNOW enables intelligence for remote workforce supervision. Streamline operations and business processes so your employees can focus on activities that impact bottom line results. Understand impact of application wait times on production goals, as well as unintended behaviors and error messages that lower customer experience. Optimize coaching and better understand the training requirements specific to each associate. Measure how much time and effort is spent on each application and process to discover automation opportunities, while also enhancing controls by understanding the digital distractions that are consuming agent focus and ultimately time. Overall, superviseNOW allows you to identify individual steps that can be automated and gauge the time save impact while also tailoring coaching plans with specific, tangible guidance based on real data, and can be deployed in as little as 7 days.


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