Sales teams play a critical role in enabling companies to not only survive but to grow. During these uncertain times, the capacity to adapt is essential.

Join us for a webinar featuring our sales growth experts, and learn helpful tips, proven tactics, and techniques for your sales organisations to readjust, retool, and refocus to ensure they’re positioned for success. In this webinar, hear advice on how to plan and course correct as needed to reignite your sales engine in FY21.

Watch and listen to this webinar to learn:

  • How do I stay top-of-mind among my clients?
  • What will field and inside sales look like moving forward?
  • What do I replace traditional sales tools with?
  • What is needed to transition to digital-first selling?

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Jeff Farr

GVP, Customer Growth Services

Barb Wingle

VP, Strategic Marketing and Analytics

Ryan Rayner

Regional VP, APAC



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