Ransomware, cyber-attacks, and phishing scams are on the rise as cybercriminals rush to use the coronavirus as a lure. Join us for an interactive webinar with Kip James, Chief Information Security Officer at TTEC, as he talks about the most effective ways to defend overstressed IT systems and educate unsuspecting remote workers during these unprecedented times.

In this webinar, learn the best ways to keep your enterprise systems, remote employees, and customer interactions accessible, secure, and constantly connected amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Watch and listen to this webinar to learn:

  • The biggest security risks contact center leaders face as they shift agents to remote work
  • Crucial steps today’s brands must take now to mitigate security risk outside of the enterprise
  • The best ways to ensure your contact center technology remains secure, even as more agents plug in remotely

On-Demand Webinar