EXDX = CX: Employee experience (EX), powered by a great digital experience (DX), leads to amazing customer experience (CX)

Are you planning 2021 activities using pre-pandemic strategies? If outperforming the competition is your goal, customer and employee experience needs to be a priority in a digitally transformed economy.

Break out of yesterday’s contact centre mindset and attend our webinar to learn how the world’s leading organisations have leveraged AI, automation, gamification, and work-at-home technology, to lead their competitors.

Watch and listen to this webinar to learn:

  • How to digitise employee experience to attract, support, and train motivated individuals – on site and @home.
  • Employing gamification to drive an added focus on more strategic outcomes of contact centre migrating away from traditional measures.
  • Utilising technology and self-service techniques within the contact centre to deliver effortless customer experience.
  • How the insights and solutions from the frontline are driving technology solutions that benefit the customer while reducing cost.

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