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Creating Sophisticated Employees in the Age of Automation

How to develop employees to be tactical, technical, and emotionally prepared to handle complex customer interactions.

Automation is changing not just how customers interact with businesses, but also the role of customer-facing employees. Technology like bots, artificial intelligence, and self-service now handle more simple customer tasks, leaving humans to manage complex and unanticipated customer interactions.

By the time most customers reach a human employee with a question, chances are they have already researched online or tried to self-serve. This means employee transformation is required to develop more sophisticated employees in the age of automation to solve customers’ issues.

Because front-line jobs are becoming more complex, employees need to be to tactical, technical, and ready to emotionally handle these new types of interactions.

Watch the webinar to learn the strategy, technology, content, and personalisation necessary to transform your workforce into top-performing and highly engaged, sophisticated employees.

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