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Work-From-Home Customer Support Drives Customer Loyalty

Be there for your customers

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Customers are loyal to the companies that they can depend on for an effortless experience. In this strategy guide, you’ll find proven strategies and real-world examples of contact centre teams that successfully shifted to a remote model, maintained or even surpassed service levels, and ultimately increased customer loyalty.


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Be there for your customers, anywhere at any time

Shifting employees to a remote environment on a massive scale is no easy feat but, with the right preparation, technology infrastructure, training, and communication, it can enable brands to deliver the effortless experiences customers are looking for—no matter what.

Read this Strategy Guide to learn:

  • Proven tips for driving customer loyalty with a remote workforce
  • Best practices for building a thriving virtual contact centre
  • A snapshot of our work-from-home team’s day
  • Strategies for helping remote employees stay engaged and productive
  • Key stats achieved by TTEC at-home clients in their shift to remote work
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Deliver exceptional customer support. From anywhere, at anytime.

  • Humanify On-Demand Workforce: Streamline hiring and onboarding processes to quickly assemble a customised, scalable, and on-demand workforce with advanced security, intelligent automation, and our AI bot, Louie.
  • Humanify Employee Experience Manager: Achieve operational KPIs faster with realistic simulated call practice sessions – all powered by AI, voice recognition, machine learning, and responsive game development – and perfected through immediate data visualisation.​
  • ​Humanify Remote Worker Technology Platform: Accelerate associate onboarding and decrease time to production with secure omnichannel training and productivity tools uniquely designed to elevate customer experiences by enhancing employee experiences.​

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Work-From-Home Customer Support Drives Customer Loyalty