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Virtual Retail + Messaging: They Just Fit

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The shift to virtual retail begs an interesting question: How do you keep in touch with customers through contactless commerce? Forward-thinking retailers are discovering the benefits of a digital customer engagement strategy and the value that messaging and smart chatbot technologies can bring. Read the strategy guide to learn:

  • Why communication is key to a virtual retail experience
  • What your customers really think of messaging and AI
  • How a digital engagement strategy serves consumers and brand ambassadors

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Online shoppers are more likely to switch brands, but virtual communication helps earn and retain loyalty.

  • Explore why brands with digital customer engagement strategies retain 89% of their customers on average.
  • See how a retail company reduced average support talk time by 39%.
  • Learn how a contactless commerce eyewear retailer with limited brand equity increased site revenue by 40%.

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Virtual Retail + Messaging: They Just Fit