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Unlocking Customer Value by Understanding True Intent

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A great brand understands what is inside a customer’s head, not just what they explicitly share with them. By understanding a customer’s intent, organisations can be more proactive and effortless in their interactions, to everyone’s benefit. That’s why TTEC and Forrester Consulting recently partnered to create a methodology around “intent mapping,” which links the customer and employee journey in support of the next best interaction. Check out this white paper to get to the “why” behind customer and employee interactions and deliver better overall experiences.


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Use the power of intent mapping to elevate CX

Intent mapping reveals the motivations behind interactions, helping brands anticipate customers’ needs and build experiences around them. In this report, Forrester Consulting examines how brands are using customer intent to guide simpler, more fulfilling service—increasing CSAT by as much as 48%. Read this strategy guide to learn:

  • Why meeting customers “where they are” is no longer enough
  • How to become proactive and empathetic with customers
  • Benefits and ROI of intent mapping
  • 3 recommendations to get started

From "why" to ROI

TTEC supports clients with decades of experience and data to create actionable strategies based on customer intents. Results include operational efficiencies, revenue growth, increased agility and adaptability, and lower costs. Here’s how:

  • Insight & analysis: Intelligent journey analytics help understand customers’ intentions and anticipate their behavior to deliver preemptive and proactive interactions.
  • Intent library: TTEC has built a comprehensive Intent Library that is fueled by AI to access historical data and unlock powerful insights. We’ve categorised and coded a vast amount of interaction data across industries to help brands stay ahead of their customers unknown intents.
  • Next best actions: Intent mapping is the connective tissue between the customer and the associate. Associates combine known customer information and behavior with the intent library to offer the next best experience for individual customers. The result of their interaction feeds into the intent library to inform future interactions.
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Unlocking Customer Value by Understanding True Intent