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4 Ways Logistics Organisations Can Accelerate CX

How to link effortless experiences into an industry that connects the world

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The logistics industry thrives on speed and agility, and the post-COVID the world is reconnecting fast. From start to finish, it’s an environment where customers want to stay connected and informed about their purchases 24/7, as fast as possible.

To meet these expectations, logistics organisations need to embrace customer-centricity every step of the way through digital transformation.


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Logistics needs to ship exceptional experiences

In this strategy guide, discover ways logistical organisation can invest in customer service capabilities that embrace a forward-thinking mindset with the right technology and people:

  • Catch up on the state of the modern logistics industry
  • Uncover 4 key strategies to navigate CX expectations
  • Learn the questions CX leaders must answer today
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Solutions that will set your logistics journey on the right track

  • Voice of the Customer: Integrate customer feedback from voice recordings, chats, emails, agent notes, digital footprint, social commentary and surveys to their shopping behaviour and characteristics.
  • Omnichannel Technology: Cloud based omnichannel solutions can help customers engage with logistics organisation online and offline, cross channel, all with consistent experiences.
  • AI Simulated Learning: Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to simulate real world customer scenarios so associates learn by completing the job and getting real-time feedback and coaching.
  • Conversational Messaging: Messaging takes the idea of web chat, simplifies it, and moves it to where consumers already spend their time – on their phones.

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4 Ways Logistics Organisations Can Accelerate CX