Client Story

A Million New Customers, Billions in Revenue

Using our holistic approach to exception service helped build the long-term relationships this company wanted.


$5 billion from new revenue and process improvements

85% reduction in production time

One million new customers, with improved CSAT/NPS(r)


Our complete, holistic approach to exceptional service was designed to create exactly the types of long-term relationships that this company wanted to build.

A reputation as a bureaucratic government entity is no way to attract and keep customers. This client, a large telecommunications company, has gone from its roots as a public department to being a dominant player in a highly competitive industry. We had previously helped this client with targeted contact centre initiatives – but our complete, holistic approach to exceptional service was designed to create exactly the types of long-term relationships that this company wanted to build.

Our goal was to create a new customer contact solution that would delight customers, in turn changing the way they viewed our client. In order to do that, we also had to transform the way the client viewed its relationship with customers. We began with the construction of a “Super Site” contact centre, which built a new ecosystem focused on the end-to-end customer experience. The new structure re-prioritised Net Promoter Score™ (NPS®) and First Contact Resolution (FCR) as top performance drivers, and also fostered collaboration and positive interaction among employees. Our client invested heavily in recruiting and training to populate the centre with the right associates for the job.

Brand loyalty is built with more than just metrics — we integrated customer feedback processes into every facet of the company’s sales and support practices. Our consulting team created data-driven strategies and action plans around verbatim customer input — to enhance the customer experience based on the real experience of customers. Using this same approach, new training was designed around customer verbatims, so employees could receive coaching “directly” from customers. We worked with the company to upgrade technologies and refine the processes that support the new customer-centric culture, so that every interaction had a strong technical and procedural foundation.

The move to a more customer-centric culture required a new channel communications strategy that would better support the client’s vision. We developed new operating procedures and customer engagement guidelines, based on our work with the client’s data, to ensure a consistent, branded experience across all digital channels. Chat tools were designed so that a differentiated experience was delivered to customers based on market segment and life cycle stage. Outreach campaigns also gained traction due to the more effective use of data. The client reached more than 14 million customers by tailoring the approach according to the channel preferred by individual customers.

Our client has earned $3 billion in new revenue and an additional $2 billion from process improvements. One million new subscribers, a 20 percent increase in first contact resolution, an 85 percent reduction in campaign production time – and improved CSAT scores to boot – all attest to the effectiveness of the new structure.


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