It’s time to check in with your CX

Know where you stand – and where to improve – with a CX maturity assessment

Great customer experiences are seamless, effortless, and key to any brand’s success. But while many companies acknowledge the crucial role CX plays, many struggle to deliver experiences that meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

With customer demands ever-changing, brands need to continually assess their CX maturity. Is the current strategy working? Is it innovative? Are best practices being used during the customer journey across all levels? What roadblocks are getting in the way of great experiences?

Taking the time to answer these questions can shed crucial light on the parts of the process that are working, identify areas that need improvement, and shape strategies and priorities moving forward. The old way of doing business isn’t enough anymore, and brands that are winning over customers in the “new normal” are embracing a more innovative and holistic approach to CX.

Gauge what’s working, and what’s not

There are various levels to customers’ interactions with brands, and savvy organisations make sure to devote ample attention and resources to each.

Consider these five stages, as outlined in the customer-centric Gartner CX pyramid, to help assess customer touchpoints and potential pain points. Stage 5 represents the strongest way brands can form relationships with their customers:

  • Stage 1: Communication level. Brands give customers the information they need, when they want it, via their channel of choice.
  • Stage 2: Responsive level. Companies solve customer problems quickly and efficiently, striking the right balance between business and customer goals.
  • Stage 3: Commitment level. Brands listen to, understand, and resolve customers’ needs.
  • Stage 4: Proactive level. Even before customers ask or have a problem, companies step in to resolve needs.
  • • Stage 5: Evolution level. Brands empower customers to feel better, safer, or more powerful.

To offer more proactive and comprehensive CX, organisations need to assess their CX capabilities at every step along the customer journey. That’s the first step in driving more meaningful and powerful interactions, according to the Gartner model. It’s the only way to get a complete view of customers’ desires, needs and expectations – all of which are key to delivering seamless experiences.

Take CX maturity to the next level

Once you’ve taken stock of your CX maturity across the board, it’s time to implement strategies that will generate next-gen experiences. Working with the right outsourcing partner can quickly bolster CX initiatives while allowing business models to become more flexible and outcome-focused.

Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS) is an end-to-end managed services approach that combines CX strategy, technology innovation, data integration, automation and employee expertise to quickly develop and expand customer-centric initiatives. In short, with CXaaS TTEC helps businesses strike the right balance of automation and people, improving CX and employee experience alike.

CXaaS offers many benefits, including the highest customer satisfaction at the lowest cost-to-serve, a 360-degree view of customers, the ability to maximise current investments and fill in gaps where needed, and reduced and shared financial and operational risk.

Working with the right CXaaS partner, brands can reduce costs and boost efficiency – all while delivering great experiences. And taking stock of CX is a great place to start. In fact, during the first step on our CXaaS Transformation Roadmap, brands can use the maturity assessment model to get a clear picture of where they stand.

Improve CX and start saving

Rethinking CX can do more than just transform customer experiences; it can have a significant impact on bottom lines. Adjusting the variables in your customer service delivery model can generate big savings.

How much could you save? Find out by using our Agility Savings Calculator.