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Great employee experience drives great customer experience

Our Learning + Performance solutions don’t just educate employees, they inspire and empower them to deliver amazing customer experiences across every channel, every time.


Transform a customer’s day

It is difficult to ensure a consistent employee and customer experience when brands have static systems and disparate knowledgebases. Our Learning + Performance solutions will transform the way companies think about, build, develop, reward, and motivate teams to deliver consistent employee and customer experiences.

Developed to their full potential

We help ensure a consistent customer experience by giving both employees and customers the right answer, the first time – every time. We ensure employees are motivated, culturally-aligned, and equipped with the right mindset and skillset to deliver exceptional customer experiences at every interaction. By providing the right knowledge tools and training, we help build a workforce that is competent, collaborative, and connected.

Get it right the first time

To customers, a brand is the sum of every interaction, and finding the right answer quickly and easily turns unhappy customers into delighted ones. With our Learning + Performance tools, technology, and training, support associates have all the information they need to be successful right at their fingertips.

Professional Skills:
Business Learning Centre

Whatever your career goals, we have a practical and proven program to transform your business skills. For over 30 years we’ve helped business professionals from a range of industries win business and gain influence. Our Open Programs develop exceptional performance in a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Learn from, and be inspired by, our experienced facilitators who balance their passion and expertise with real-world and commercial understanding. To ensure you retain your new skills, our ’Learn, Do, Review' methodology ensures you keep getting great return on your learning investment throughout your career.

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Employees at companies with top rated customer experience are 61% more likely to be “highly” or “moderately” engaged than employees at low rated companies.

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Our Unified Enterprise Learning Solutions

Consulting Diagnostics

Workshops and qualitative research identify critical areas for improvement and key initiatives through a robust implementation plan and future-state roadmap.

Skills and Competency Assessments

Library of self-rater, 180 and 360-degree assessments to identify strengths and gaps in individuals and/or teams so ROI-based strategies can be baselined and measured.

Ready-To-Go and Tailored Offerings

Catalog of proven, certified and accredited content ready to deliver anywhere, anytime, from bite sized, gamified digital modules to interactive, facilitated sessions; to blended, socially-powered learning journeys.

Custom Offerings

Real Play infused on-boarding development, custom content design and product launches completely customizable to business requirements and needs.

Knowledge Offerings

Best of breed technologies, managed services, content migration, curation, and creation of relevant and engaging text and multimedia content to optimize the overall comprehension effectiveness and experience.

Platform Design

Learning and knowledge platforms designed and deployed to unify and disseminate content from a single 'true' source, create gamified elements, and centralize user generated content – accessible anywhere from any device.

Learning and Knowledge Dashboards

Interactive data from executive summaries to frontline gamified dashboards, that provide true business-impacting insights related to competency levels, cohort performance, and social sentiment that go beyond assessments and surveys.

Artificial Intelligence

Innovative Real Play BOTs transform the entire employee development experience by empowering learners to interact with voice-enabled BOTs who replicate customer interactions, then immediately provide the learner with tailored feedback, coaching and performance results.

Business Learning Centre

Whatever your career goals, our training programs will transform your business skills. Learn from our experienced facilitators in a dynamic learning environment. Learn more »


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