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Presentation Skills

Acquire the practical tools to prepare, structure and deliver your message presuasively with confidence.

Our Presentation Skills two-day program combines knowledge, data and practical exercises to provide you with the skills to confidently and effectively communicate to an audience. Presentation styles are fine-tuned so presenters can inform, influence and convince audiences. Below are details and course schedules for the Presentation Skills program, or click here to view other Business Learning Centre courses.


Pre Work
Course Overview
Key Components
Post Work

Preparation is key! Here are 3 simple activities to complete in advance of the workshop that will immerse you in the content, get you thinking about real presentations, and make sure you feel comfortable and prepared for the session.

  1. Prepare a 5 minute work related presentation that you will deliver in the workshop. Select a topic you present on regularly, or something you need to present in the near future.
  2. View the motion graphic on Business Behaviour Styles, and consider what behaviour style you are most often when at work. Then think about your typical presentation audiences, what behaviour styles do you present to often?
  3. The workshop facilitator will call you in the week prior to the session. The purpose of this call is to learn more about you, the types of presentations you do, and your desired outcomes for the session. Use this opportunity to ask any questions you like!

About This Course

TTEC’s Presentation Skills Program focuses on planning and delivery skills for making informative and persuasive presentations, as well as enhancing participants’ ability to communicate with greater confidence, control and flexibility. Presentation styles are fine-tuned so presenters can inform, influence and convince audiences.
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Who Should Attend?

Anyone who needs to confidently present to audiences ranging from small management teams, boards of directors, sales forces, direct reports, employees, customers, prospects, suppliers and government.

How Do I Register?

The schedule of upcoming Presentation Skills courses are listed below. Pick the date that works for you and click the register button.

Course Duration

2 consecutive days for 6 – 8 participants

Challenges Addressed

  • Presenting reports to management teams and boards
  • Launching new products
  • Presenting credentials to prospective clients
  • Presenting recommendations to internal and external committees
  • Motivating sales forces
  • Presenting changes to employees
  • Presentations – You’ll make several presentations. Your facilitator and other participants will provide feedback to help identify your strengths and weaknesses, and all presentations are videotaped, to measure your improvement over the time.
  • Communication definitions and components – You’ll learn key components of communication, which will give you a new perspective on getting your message across to an audience.
  • Structure – You’ll learn how to use our unique organisational flow charts, which show you how to organise your ideas for presentations in a timesaving, informative, persuasive manner.
  • Audience and listener analysis – By studying different styles of people and personalities, you’ll learn how to know your and more effectively tailor your message to them.
  • Planning a tailored presentation – You’ll learn the difference between “features” and “benefits” of products or services, in order to tailor a strategy that ensures a persuasive presentation.
  • Delivery Skills – We’ll discuss the importance of eye contact, voice, movement, gestures and body language, and provide coaching so that you can effectively present in a comfortable dynamic and natural fashion.
  • Visual Aids – Visual aids make a presentation informative and persuasive. Learn how to utilize them to assist with the communication of key ideas, and how to avoid common pitfalls.
  • Communication exercises – You’ll practice eye contact exercises, effective movement and gestures, and voice modulation to increase your comfort and confidence level when standing before an audience.

Outcomes the program gives participants

  • Pragmatic tools to augment current presentation planning skills, analyse an audience, create key messages and presenting confidently to small or large audiences
  • The ability to tailor the structure, content and delivery of presentations in the most persuasive manner for each audience, environment and presentation objective
  • An appreciation of the value of rehearsal including techniques to effectively rehearse before a high-stakes presentation
  • Greater confidence when presenting

Following the workshop we will support you in embedding your learning

  1. Immediately after the workshop you will receive an electronic copy of the Presentation Planner for you to start using in all your upcoming presentations.
  2. You will be invited to attend a group coaching call at 2 weeks, and again at 6 weeks, post the workshop. These coaching calls will be with the workshop facilitator, and fellow participants, and are a great opportunity to reflect and re-energise. On the call you will: Share your experiences delivering presentations after the workshop. What is working for you, and what are you focussing on? Learn from fellow participants experiences. Ask questions of the facilitator to continue to build your confidence applying the planning and delivery skills, and discuss specific presentations situations or challenges you are facing.
  3. You will also have access to review the Business Behaviour Styles motion graphic for the 6 months after the workshop.

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