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Plan for effective, outcome driven sales meetings.

Build the knowledge, sales skills, and confidence required to plan for effective, outcome driven sales meetings, build rapport with new customers quickly, diagnose the customer's situation and their needs effectively, construct and deliver solutions that build results, manage customer objections so a sales momentum can be achieved, and obtain customer commitment to proceed to the next stage of the sale. Below are details and course schedules for the S.A.L.E.S program, or click here to view other Business Learning Centre courses.


Pre Work
Course Overview
Key Components
Post Work

Preparation is key! Here are 3 simple activities to complete in advance of the workshop that will immerse you in the content, get you thinking about your sales interactions, and make sure you feel comfortable and prepared for the session.

(Note: details about accessing and viewing motion graphics will be provided following program signup).

  1. Identify a sales call/meeting that you need to have within the next 2 weeks. Write an objective for this meeting – what are you wanting to achieve?
  2. View the motion graphic on Persuasive Cycle. Choose one of your products or services, and give some thought to it’s features and benefits.
  3. The workshop facilitator will call you in the week prior to the session. The purpose of this call is to learn more about you, your typical sales interactions and sales cycle, and your desired outcomes for the session. Use this opportunity to ask any questions you like!

About This Course

The S.A.L.E.S.© Program draws on TTEC’s experience of working with sale teams from around the world. This highly interactive and practical program helps sales professionals develop the necessary planning and face-to-face skills needed to motivate customer commitment at every stage of the sales process.
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Who Should Attend?

Anyone involved in sales from pre-sales, product specialists, account managers, and sales representatives.

How Do I Register?

The schedule of upcoming S.A.L.E.S courses are listed below. Pick the date that works for you and click the register button.

Course Duration

2 consecutive days for 6 – 8 participants

Challenges Addressed

  • Motivating customer commitment at every stage of the sales process
  • Managing the balance between diagnosing customer needs and presenting solutions and products during the sales call.
  • Being seen to be delivering customer value rather than being a product salesperson.
  • Gaining confidence in ever more challenging markets
  • Structuring meeting calls
  • Positioning your business
  • Obtaining customer agreement during sales calls
  • Using tools and skills to diagnose the customer and their needs
  • Positioning your solution persuasively
  • Managing customer objections such as price
  • Effectively closing the meeting and establishing clear next steps

Participants will build the knowledge, sales skills and the confidence required to:

  • Plan for effective, outcome driven sales meetings
  • Build rapport with new customers quickly
  • Diagnose the customer’s situation and their needs effectively
  • Construct and deliver solutions that build results
  • Manage customer objections so a sales momentum can be achieved
  • Obtain customer commitment to proceed to the next stage of the sale

Following the workshop we will support you in embedding your learning, in a number of ways.

  1. Immediately after the workshop you will receive an electronic copy of the SALES planning tool for you to start using in your upcoming sales meetings.
  2. You will be invited to attend a group coaching call at 2 weeks, and again at 6 weeks, post the workshop. These coaching calls will be with the workshop facilitator, and fellow participants, and are a great opportunity to reflect and re-energise. On the call you will:
    • Share your experiences of using the tools, skills, and strategies learnt, in real sales meetings.
    • Learn from fellow participants experiences.
    • Ask questions of the facilitator to further build you understanding and comfort levels applying the workshop learnings in the ‘real world’.
  3. You will also have access to review the Persuasive Cycle motion graphic for the 6 months after the workshop.

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