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The Confident Negotiator Program

Provides the skills, tools and supporting techniques for you to be an effective, successful and confident negotiator.

With our Confident Negotiator program you will become more strategic in planning and effective in executing negotiations. The program also teaches you to develop insights into your counterpart, adapt your style, enabling control over bargaining and trade concessions. Below are details and course schedules for the Confident Negotiator Program, or click here to view other Business Learning Centre courses.


Pre Work
Course Overview
Key Components
Post Work

Preparation is key! Here are 3 simple activities to complete in advance of the workshop that will immerse you in the content, get you thinking about your negotiation experience, and make sure you feel comfortable and prepared for the session.

(Note: details about accessing and viewing motion graphics and articles will be provided following program signup).

  1. Read the article ‘Getting to Yes’ by Fischer and Ury, and reflect on your negotiation experiences. Consider what has worked for you in the past, and identify your development areas.
  2. View the motion graphic Questioning & Listening and consider your use of questions when negotiating.
  3. The workshop facilitator will call you in the week prior to the session. The purpose of this call is to learn more about you, the types of negotiations you are involved in, and your desired outcomes for the session. Use this opportunity to ask any questions you like!

About This Course

It requires a combination of knowledge, skills, process and importantly…confidence to create a confident negotiator. Confidence is not bravado or an extroverted display, but an inner belief that comes from knowing you’ve done your homework, you’re aware of your positions, interests and values and you’ve anticipated the same in your counterpart. The Confident Negotiator Program provides the skills, tools and supporting techniques for you to be an effective, successful and confident negotiator.
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Who Should Attend?

Any individual who negotiates on a regular basis – from internally focused negotiations, client and supplier negotiations.

How Do I Register?

The schedule of upcoming Confident Negotiator courses are listed below. Pick the date that works for you and click the register button.

Course Duration

2 consecutive days for up to 8 participants

Challenges Addressed

  • The interests of both parties seem to be far apart.
  • Unreasonable opening offers
  • One party is not prepared to understand the other party’s position.
  • Effectively preparing for a negotiation when time is not on your side
  • Dealing with aggressive or unexpected tactics
  • Being too attached to the negotiation outcome
  • The need for greater confidence when negotiating
  • Understanding negotiation, its dynamics and underlying principles
  • The model flow of a successful negotiation
  • Opening and controlling the flow of discussion
  • Bargaining & concession trading and advanced communication skills and strategies
  • Understanding, dealing with and utilising appropriate tactics.
  • How to reach agreement and close the negotiation effectively
  • Experience a range of negotiation activities from role-plays to intense exercises that build skills and self-awareness

Participants will:

  • Have a greater ability to analyse negotiation situations, determine the appropriate strategies and tactics and how to use them effectively. Role-play realistic scenarios to practice skills and receive feedback and tips.
  • Gain a range of tools that support the achievement of desired goals.
  • Develop a range of negotiation-specific communication skills from active listening to advanced questioning techniques as well as bargaining and trading during the negotiation.
  • Achieve superior negotiating outcomes by understanding both rational and emotional perspectives.
  • Be more confident when next faced with a negotiation challenge.
  • Planning tools and support frameworks & materials.

Following the workshop we will support you in embedding your learning, in a number of ways.

  1. Immediately after the workshop you will receive an electronic copy of the Negotiation Planning Tool for you to start using in your upcoming negotiations.
  2. You will be invited to attend a group coaching call at 2 weeks, and again at 6 weeks, post the workshop. These coaching calls will be with the workshop facilitator, and fellow participants, and are a great opportunity to reflect and re-energise. On the call you will:
    • Share your experiences of using the tools, skills, and strategies learnt, in real negotiations.
    • Learn from fellow participants experiences.
    • Ask questions of the facilitator to further build you understanding and comfort levels applying the workshop learnings in the real world.
  3. You will also have access to review the ‘Questioning & Listening’ motion graphic for the 6 months after the workshop.

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