Omnichannel Contact Centre Solutions: Optimize with Data Mapping

It’s a common experience in inefficient omnichannel call centres – you have to tell a customer service rep your information moments after you already inputted it into the IVR system. Or you must explain to a call centre agent about the unsuccessful live chat experience that prompted your customer support call. Or you respond to a direct mail or social media promotion, only to find a clueless representative on the other end of the line.

Contact Centre vs. Call Centre: 6 Key Differences and Why it Matters

Does your business need a call centre or a contact centre? Although these terms are often used interchangeably, there are key differences between these common business communication models. Understanding the difference between a call centre and contact centre, and how they apply to your business needs, is a critical first step to building an efficient, differentiated customer experience that drives loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Reinvent the “New Normal” Customer Experience

Ten Contact Centre IVR Best Practices to Improve CX

Let’s face it: customers hate using Interactive Voice Response systems (IVRs). They particularly dislike having to enter a seemingly endless series of prompts, wondering if they’ll ever be able to have an issue resolved. It’s hardly surprising that the majority of customers are dissatisfied with their IVR experiences.

Get the Facts About Messaging in the Contact Centre

When uncertainty struck, customer experience operations had to repurpose themselves to handle higher volumes of messaging interactions across multiple platforms, accelerate their use of automation in the channel and recruit the right kind of talent to fit modern customer expectations. In a world where consumers already were already living on their phones, these moments of crisis made digital connections more necessary than ever.

4 Strategies Needed to Create a Winning Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is more than technology. It’s the people, leadership and experiences that drive innovation and amazing experiences in an organisation. These factors act as the building blocks to a successful digital journey.

5 Key Digital Transformation Steps for CX Leaders

The COVID-19 pandemic put digital transformation into hyperdrive, utilising technology to connect people, work and recreation in a transformed world.

The Race to Reshore: 4 Predictions on the Companies that Will Come Last

The decision for any business to reshore their operations is often prompted by changes in cost factors and other circumstances. In the wake of COVID-19 and lingering uncertainties, reshoring one’s customer service operation seems logical, but is it that easy, and is it sustainable?

Omnichannel Data is the key to a Successful Omnichannel Strategy

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