Turn Consistency into a ‘Wow’ Factor Every Time

Business leaders have long known that customers value consistency from brands and that they base their expectations on previous experiences. But what does it mean to deliver a consistent customer experience during these unprecedented times?

7 Lessons that Will Enable Contact Centres to Emerge Stronger in a New Reality

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted business operations, supply chains, and livelihoods across the globe, ushering in a new reality. Contact centres are no exception: There has been a rapid acceleration in distributed workforces, expanded self-service options and increased uses of automation. After the crisis subsides, look for some of these temporary fixes to become permanent.  

3 Ways Automation Provides Authenticity at Scale in a Crisis

Customers want to be heard in times of uncertainty, but massive call spikes and closed offices are some of the challenges getting in the way of the human connection that’s desperately needed right now.

Proactive Contact Centre Agents: An Advantage Hiding in Plain Sight

Contact Centres Are a Lifeline in Times of Crisis

When a crisis strikes, anxiety levels rise. People are unsure of what will happen next. They need answers. Oftentimes, they are looking to connect with other people to share their concerns, experiences, and find someone who will listen. It’s a way to gain reassurance that they're not alone. 

4 Resiliency Strategies for Contact Centres Navigating Uncertain Times

No one can predict the future, but strategic planning determines how well companies survive unexpected events. TTEC’s webinar, COVID-19 NOW: What you need to Know NOW, outlined resiliency practices that will help contact centres navigate these uncertain times. These 4 webinar takeaways focus on the strategies to move your workforce home, withstand uncertainty, and ultimately move beyond emergency mode.

Omnichannel Data is the key to a Successful Omnichannel Strategy

This was originally posted as an article in the Customer Strategist Journal.
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3 Essential Steps to Prepare Bots and Employees for Shared Success

Raise your hand if this describes your firm: Everyone wants to be innovative, but not everyone wants to change. Consider automation. Employees understand the benefits of automation and bots but research shows many employees also fear being replaced by technology.

CX innovation will shake up the automotive industry in 2020

It’s an incredibly disruptive time for the automotive sector. Right now, digital adoption, ride-sharing apps, and environmental concerns are just a few factors that are reshaping a century old industry.

If we examine the space further, you’ll see that success in 2020 is not only about identifying the disruptors but knowing how to act on them as well:

Customer Experience Management Strategy and Best Practices

This was originally posted as an article in the Customer Strategist Journal.
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