Chat Vs. Messaging: More Than Meets the Emoji

Customers live on their phones, but not in the same ways they used to. Prior to COVID-19, chat and messaging capabilities catered to users always on the go, then it played a vital role in servicing those who were mostly homebound and needed essential services from groceries to healthcare.

3 Tried-and-True Ways to Ramp Up for Australia’s Domestic Travel Boom (Without Breaking the Bank)

Australia’s travel industry is seeing signs of hope after a dismal year marked by bush fires and pandemic lockdowns. Although most international borders are likely to remain closed through 2021, domestic travel and tourism within Australia are expected to rebound in the coming months as state border restrictions are lifted and greater movement is permitted between the states and territories.

5 Top Questions (and Answers) to Resetting Sales in the New Normal

From a sales perspective, the coronavirus pandemic is essentially a reset button. Sales activities, targets, operations, and plans have all been overturned. However, it has not changed the need for sales teams to produce results.

Conversational Messaging: Why Customers Demand it (and How to Deliver it)

Forward-thinking business leaders understand that exceptional CX is about continuously seeking better ways to use technology, data, and operations. Well, today, a question for many consumers is, “Why can’t I message this company in addition to calling or sending an email?”