4 Resiliency Strategies for Contact Centres Navigating Uncertain Times

No one can predict the future, but strategic planning determines how well companies survive unexpected events. TTEC’s webinar, COVID-19 NOW: What you need to Know NOW, outlined resiliency practices that will help contact centres navigate these uncertain times. These 4 webinar takeaways focus on the strategies to move your workforce home, withstand uncertainty, and ultimately move beyond emergency mode.

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No one has been left untouched by COVID-19. The test we’ve been faced with is unimaginable. Regardless of how well prepared we have been with contingency plans built out of past catastrophes – tsunamis, volcanos, earthquakes, hurricanes, fire – nothing could have prepared us to the point where we would have considered all 40,000 workstations and 50,000 employees having to work at home.

Distributed CX Workforces Are Necessary Beyond COVID-19

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become essential to maintaining contact centre business continuity. Distributed workforces offer significant business value—even after the pandemic has resided. We’ve outlined key benefits and reasons why home-based contact centre agents represent the future of customer support. 

Conversational Messaging: Why Customers Demand it (and How to Deliver it)

Forward-thinking business leaders understand that exceptional CX is about continuously seeking better ways to use technology, data, and operations. Well, today, a question for many consumers is, “Why can’t I message this company in addition to calling or sending an email?”

3 Essential Steps to Prepare Bots and Employees for Shared Success

Raise your hand if this describes your firm: Everyone wants to be innovative, but not everyone wants to change. Consider automation. Employees understand the benefits of automation and bots but research shows many employees also fear being replaced by technology.

Customer Experience Outsourcing: 5 signs you need it and 5 signs you don't

4 Ways to Prepare for Unexpected Customer Support Surges

Life is complicated and rarely goes as planned. For customer-facing companies, sudden emergencies like natural disasters or data breaches can trigger waves of consumers looking for help and answers. Seasonal issues can creep up on companies too, when customer interactions wildly fluctuate throughout the year.