4 Collections Tips That Will Make an Impact in FY ‘21

It’s an important part of doing business, but something that can be difficult to execute with excellence: debt recovery and collections. The heightened emotions, tension and uncomfortable conversations it brings – and the dissatisfaction that can result among customers and associates alike – causes some to shy away from this important topic.

Cloud vs. On-premise Contact Centres: 3 Critical Differences

There’s no denying the vital role contact centres play in brands’ ability to meet customer needs quickly and efficiently. When done well, centres offer seamless experiences by connecting customers with the information they need – whether it's via an agent or through automated technology – when and how they need it.

HX + DX: Critical Parts of the CX Equation

Every brand wants to offer great customer experience (CX) but, in an increasingly digital world, leaders too often assume technology alone is the key to true transformation. While technology plays a critical role, it’s striking the right balance between human experience (HX) and digital experience (DX) that will yield optimal customer journeys.

Outsourcing Can Help Schools Prepare for International Students’ Return

After a year unlike any other, students are preparing to return to campuses across Australia later this year, and many of them will be arriving from other countries – bringing many questions with them.

How to Create a Differentiated Customer Service and Customer Experience in the New Normal

In today’s uncertain economic environment, customer experience and customer service have become critical topics. But while these terms are often used interchangeably, there are crucial differences between them.

7 Tips for Managing Surging Call Volume This Tax Season

Agility is the Key to SMB Growth in 2021

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) were hit especially hard in 2020. Around the world, SMEs struggled to manage lockdowns, travel restrictions, health concerns, and more. According to IBISworld, it may take up to five years for the industry to return to pre-COVID performance levels.

3 Ways Contact Centres Can Create Kickstart Digital Experiences

The pandemic accelerated digital adoption of messaging, web and cloud at light speed, and in doing so contact centres have been at the front-line of large volumes of people in need for support, comfort and information.

7 Customer and Employee Experience Trends Shaping 2021

Businesses in Asia-Pacific have an opportunity—and a challenge—in 2021 to adapt to an increasingly digitised world and ensure that their customer relationships outlast the coronavirus pandemic. Get ready to hit the reset button on customer innovation and reshape the employee experience.

Customer Experience Lies at the Heart of the COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

As Asia-Pacific beings its gradual path to recovery with the COVID-19 vaccine, organisations are moving to communicate distributing and administration with stakeholders about the vaccine rollout.