Universities: For Contact Tracing Success, Make it Effortless

As another season approaches, it’s unquestionable that communities need to ramp up capacity to test, trace, and isolate to prevent a surge of new COVID-19 cases. While contact tracing is a proven disease control strategy, government agencies can’t do it alone. Universities, healthcare systems, and private organisations also have a role to play.

Effortless CX Starts with the Employee Experience

One of the effects we’ve seen from the COVID-19 crisis is that the digital evolution of industries has accelerated from both a consumer and business perspective. But with the shift to digital and AI-driven applications happening so rapidly, companies are grappling with new challenges such as, how do we deliver frictionless customer experiences in a virtual environment?

9 Simple Steps to Help Contact Centre Employees Feel Confident Returning to Work

Contact Centres Maintain Human Connections in Times of Crisis

In times of crisis -- like right now -- people are naturally anxious. They are unsure of what will happen next. They have questions. They need answers. And in many cases, they are looking to connect with other people to share their experiences, emotions, and find someone who will listen. It’s a way to gain reassurance that we’re all in this together.

Turn Consistency into a ‘Wow’ Factor Every Time

Business leaders have long known that customers value consistency from brands and that they base their expectations on previous experiences. But what does it mean to deliver a consistent customer experience during these unprecedented times?

3 Key Strategies for Digital Transformation Leaders

Consumer preferences are always on the move, and every industry must race to meet their expectations. The BPO market is no different. To stay relevant, the customer service industry must prioritise technology for continuity and to enhance customer and employee experiences.

5 Top Questions (and Answers) to Resetting Sales in the New Normal

From a sales perspective, the coronavirus pandemic is essentially a reset button. Sales activities, targets, operations, and plans have all been overturned. However, it has not changed the need for sales teams to produce results.