7 Lessons that Will Enable Contact Centres to Emerge Stronger in a New Reality

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted business operations, supply chains, and livelihoods across the globe, ushering in a new reality. Contact centres are no exception: There has been a rapid acceleration in distributed workforces, expanded self-service options and increased uses of automation. After the crisis subsides, look for some of these temporary fixes to become permanent.  

3 Ways Automation Provides Authenticity at Scale in a Crisis

Customers want to be heard in times of uncertainty, but massive call spikes and closed offices are some of the challenges getting in the way of the human connection that’s desperately needed right now.

Here’s How Sales Professionals Can Succeed in the New Reality

At its best, sales is about helping clients succeed. When we help our clients win, we win as well. But these aren’t normal times and sales approaches that worked a few months ago may not work today. How can salespeople survive or even come out stronger in this new reality? The answer comes down to three core principles: be authentic, buyer-focused, and human. Here are four examples of how sales leaders can do exactly that.

4 Ways Financial Institutions Can Quickly Deploy Digital CX Strategies in the Return to a New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic blew open the so-called “digital front door” of financial institutions—forcing companies to scramble to accommodate an influx of customer interactions in new ways. Reacting to change is one thing, though, and proactively meeting customer expectations is another.

Your FAQs Answered: What You Need to Know about Conversational Messaging

How to Reduce Call Volumes Now and Build Better CX Experiences

Here’s How Customer Service Automation and Healthcare Outsourcing Increase Payer Support During Critical Times

In battling the COVID-19 pandemic, rapid responses to surging customer support volumes are crucial. Health plan members need information and empathy. We’ve identified four member support obstacles where outsourcing and innovative messaging technology offer swift and viable solutions by adding skilled agents and expanding support channels.

Bots and Humans Team Up to Fight Fraud

RPA Do's and Don'ts

RPA Do's and Don'ts

3 Essential Steps to Prepare Bots and Employees for Shared Success

Raise your hand if this describes your firm: Everyone wants to be innovative, but not everyone wants to change. Consider automation. Employees understand the benefits of automation and bots but research shows many employees also fear being replaced by technology.