Keys To Delivering A World-Class Customer Experience

TeleTech's redesigned e-newsletter takes a close look at the tools companies are using to deliver great customer experience on a global scale.

DENVER, June 19, 2014 -- This month, TeleTech debuts its redesigned monthly e-newsletter, Dialogue. As the voice behind customer experience, Dialogue highlights the latest trends in customer experience, and packages them up in a fun-to-read publication that is delivered right to readers' inboxes. The first issue focuses on the importance of delivering outstanding customer experiences on a global scale.  

In this premiere issue, Dialogue takes a close look at the increasingly shrinking world and its impact on the customer experience. Today, high-speed communications and new digital channels are connecting customers and businesses around the world, regardless of location. This issue highlights the strategies and technologies companies across the globe are using to engage customers from other geographies.

The June issue includes:

The Dialogue e-newsletter, designed to inspire customer experience excellence, is published 12 times a year. Each issue contains the best customer-centric thought leadership and in-depth research articles. Click here to subscribe.

ABOUT TeleTech

TeleTech, founded in 1982, is a leading global provider of analytics-driven, technology-enabled services that puts customer engagement at the core of business success. The Company offers an integrated platform that combines analytics, strategy, process, systems integration, technology and operations to simplify the delivery of the customer experience for Global 1000 clients and their customers. This holistic multichannel approach improves customer satisfaction, increases customer loyalty and drives long-term profitability and growth. From strategic consulting to operational execution, TeleTech's over 40,000 employees speaking over 50 languages deliver results for clients in the automotive, communications and media, financial services, government, healthcare, technology, transportation and retail industries. Through the TeleTech Community Foundation, the Company leverages its innovative leadership to ensure that students in underserved communities around the globe have access to the tools and support they need to maximize their educational outcomes. For additional information, please visit teletech.com.