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Keep Calm and Ask a Human

Infographic: Employee Values Differ Around the Globe

Engagement and satisfaction are driven by different things, depending on regional cultures and job responsibilities. Around the world, different employees have different values and considerations of satisfaction. The infographic below shows what matters most to employees in different regions. And for those of you interested in getting versed in local culture, there are a number of tools that help build cultural awareness and sensitivity. 

  • CultureWizard, by RW3 -- A desktop and mobile app provides users with tips about cultural nuances in different countries for meetings, management, and negotiations.
  • Culture Compass, by itim International -- Users fill out a profile to receive guidance about cultural practices by country that’s tailored to their job function.
  • Compare Cultures , by Kwintessential -- This app lets users select two countries to compare and it uses statistical data to illustrate where potential gaps exist between the cultures.