Balancing human + digital interactions in banking


For all their hype, digital channels will never completely overtake human-centered channels. Successful digital transformation also necessitates a smart strategy where physical channels can lead with humanity and emotion. Banks are re-imagining branches and contact centers to be trusted sources of personal expertise and relationships. They save more simple, convenient, and immediate transactions for mobile and digital.



Rightsize Your Customer Experience

Download our latest Insights eBook to learn how to right-size customer experiences by balancing digital, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation with humans and emotion in ways that work for bank and for your customers.


  • ROI of channel migration
  • Channel usage stats and trends
  • Key enablers of a right-sized experience
  • Case examples from financial services and high-tech firms



Customer Banking Experience Trends

How to find the perfect balance between human and digital interactions for optimal customer engagement.

In this infographic you will learn:

  • Top 3 reasons consumers switch banks
  • Most commonly used channels by interaction type
  • Where there is room for CX improvement





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