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Every day, customers are sharing more and more information about themselves with companies. The data is coming fast and furious across channels. It is structured, unstructured, behavioral, demographic, historical and predictive. It provides priceless insight into what customers need and want. Used properly, this insight has the potential to unlock unlimited value; however, many organizations aren’t taking full advantage of the insight. Data is spread across silos and stuck in legacy systems. It’s difficult to access. It’s not accurate or complete. And when it is available, brands don’t know how to use the data to drive value. Our Customer Intelligence Analytics practice helps business leaders put their data to work, uncovering opportunities to create short-term financial impact and long-term enterprise value.


Our strategic capabilities and services include:

  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV): We help companies understand the current value of their customers and then use predictive models to determine their potential future value. This understanding helps the business maximize ROI by allocating resources more intelligently and ensuring that every investment made is ultimately increasing customer value.
  • Predictive Modeling: Predictive modeling can be applied across the customer lifecycle to determine next best action. It helps companies predict the best prospects to acquire, and the best first product to offer. Additionally, it helps determine who to target with which offering, in which channel and when. Predictive modeling also helps to proactively determine which customers are at risk of defection and what tactics are most likely to keep them engaged.
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC) Analytics: VOC analytics help companies listen, interpret and act on what their customers are saying. This insight informs what is really important to customers and helps organizations prioritize what will make the greatest impact on the customer experience and their bottom line. VOC analytics enable companies to take informed, proactive action to either drive growth or reduce risk. Our proprietary methodology brings together structured and unstructured data to drive change at the individual customer, segment and enterprise levels.
  • Customer Segmentation: Our multi-dimensional segmentation approach goes beyond traditional demographic or value definitions to bring together value, needs and behavior. This holistic approach helps companies identify and quantify opportunities and risks across segments, and prioritize market segments and treatment strategies for optimal results.
  • Customer Scorecard Design and Evaluation: We help clients design the key metrics to proactively identify any risks and opportunities with their customer base. These metrics are designed to not only assess the health of the customer relationship in the short and long run; they also identify reasons for trends in the metrics, and help to identify actions needed to drive business growth.

Featured Customer Intelligence Analytics Case Study

Stop the Leaky Bucket

A major telecommunications provider was suffering from significant churn and turned to analytics to understand the cause. We helped them with an analytics solution that reduced customer attrition and increased average revenue per user (ARPU).

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