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The days of irrelevant communications are over. Companies have to be relevant and timed to the needs of customers and prospects every time they interact with them. TTEC Chief Sales Officer, Judi Hand, offers suggestions on how companies can make the most of personalization.

“We all have more information at our fingertips today than we have ever had in our lives. So, what companies have to do now is to take that information and leverage it for personalized communication and relevance. Every prospect and customer interaction needs to be personally relevant to that person, and it must be timed to the needs of that person.

The only way to achieve that is through the use of powerful technology. Companies must pull data from a variety of places to get a complete picture of each customer and to know where that person is in this moment in time. It’s not good enough anymore to know that your customer is a working mom with two children and so she must needs these products. That doesn’t work any longer. What companies need to understand is what their customers need right now, in this situation, as it is occurring. The beauty is this: all that data is available today. As long as companies are listening to it, analyzing it, and acting on it, then they will relevance with deliver personally relevant offers. And, that is how you drive demand in the marketplace today. That is precisely how the best companies are doing it."

"It’s not just one single source of data anymore. It’s much more than demographics and past purchase history. It’s about customers’ current consumption of both products and information. It’s how people are choosing to buy. How do people buy? What tools and communication channels do they choose? Companies that both pull this organic information from many different places, refresh and track it, and then respond to it in real time are the companies that are gaining the relevance competitive edge. Information is real time now. That’s the big difference. It’s not static anymore.”



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