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We believe digital, omnichannel and mobile connections have changed customer experience forever.

Some organizations are leading the game - others are still getting up to speed. We believe that by connecting the world’s leading minds and experts in CX we can create and promote action-oriented, forward-thinking insights that will help global organizations think differently about their customer experience – and act on it. CX in Action is the platform to make that happen.


CX in Action had its inaugural event in London in May 2016. A roundtable discussion to explore the role of human emotion when mapping the customer journey and how to measure emotion in customer experience.

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TeleTech Consulting has captured some of the key insights, ideas and case studies discussed by our guest panel of thought-leaders during the Roundtable event and we have created a multimedia eBook.

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The "Big CX Interview"

Steven Walden interviews author Joe Pine. Pine is the author of the Experience Economy and founding father of the movement for customer experiences

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‘Leaders must empower and enable their people to create engaging experiences. The best way to do this is with an engaging employee experience – applying similar strategies, principles, and techniques of experience creation internally to employees.’

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Joe Pine

Author of ‘The Experience Economy’, HBR article ‘Welcome to the Experience Economy’ that started the movement for customer experiences and co-founder of Strategic Horizons LLP


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Ellen O’Dwyer



Steven Walden



Nik De Wilde


Asia Pacific

Willie Law


Asia Pacific

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About TeleTech Consulting

CX in Action is an initiative created by TeleTech Consulting. We provide CX advisory, strategy execution and consulting services to leading global organizations seeking to differentiate, transform and grow by providing an exceptional customer experience.

Ellen O’Dwyer
Organizational Change Management Lead

Ellen has more than 20 years of consulting experience helping companies define organization and change strategies to execute large business transformation efforts. Her approach is to embed with client teams to ensure readiness and adoption activities can be executed and are sustainable over time. Those who have worked with her say Ellen makes change look easy - adapting to a constantly changing technological landscape is less intimidating and a lot more fun when she is involved.

Ellen joined TeleTech Consulting as the Organizational Change Management Lead in December 2016. She is based in Chicago where she works within our Strategy & Operations team.

For the last 5 years Ellen worked at Infosys Consulting where she led global change management efforts for CRM and PLM implementations in the Retail, Insurance and Consumer Products industries.

Before Infosys, Ellen spent 12 years at Aon Hewitt, driving organizational change through the introduction of knowledge management and social media initiatives. She has also worked at Diamond Technology Partners, Accenture and Booz, in an organization development or project management capacity.

She has an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School at Northwestern University where she was Member of 2004 Bronze Women's Rec National Ice Hockey team. She has a BA in Communications from Emerson College in Boston.

Ellen is a rabid fan of the Chicago Blackhawks, Manchester United and all things chocolate!

Steven Walden
Customer Experience Lead

Steven is passionate about understanding customers and how they behave. He is fascinated by the creative potential in new markets: focusing on creating real value for the customer and designing customer experiences that connect on an emotional level.

Steven is Customer Experience (CX) Lead at TeleTech Consulting where he focuses on customer experience project delivery, IP development, channel partnerships and building the CX community ‘CX in Action’.

Prior to TeleTech Consulting, he was Director of Customer Experience at Ericsson. He designed their Experience Management Centre, which brought together best practice processes, insights and tools for measuring CX. Steven is NPS accredited and trained sales teams in CX and NPS.

Steven spent 8 years at CX agency Beyond Philosophy where he was Head of Research and Consulting, devising CX strategies for B2B and B2C clients. His achievements include winning the 2013 UK CEM Awards (Love the Customer) with his insights’ techniques, and being cited by Forrester for designing leading-edge emotional measurement tools.

Steven is author, blogger, conference speaker and networker amongst the CX community. His book “CEM Rebooted: Are you an Experience brand or an Efficiency brand?”, is being published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2017.

Steven is London-based, has two daughters and has watched every single episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Nik De Wilde
Customer Experience Lead, Europe

Nik started to learn about customer loyalty and customer experience at the age of 16, when he started to help in his mother’s menswear shop. That experience taught him that knowing your customer and their preferences – and treating every customer accordingly – is an important business differentiator. Today, he enjoys implementing that same principle with his clients – on a much larger scale.

Nik has been in management consulting for more than 25 years, first with Accenture, and later with his own consultancy. He has worked with major organizations all around Europe and across different industries, striving to achieve the same goal his mother had – to keep customers happy and loyal.

Nik is based in Brussels, and specializes in loyalty marketing and customer experience. Building stronger and more valuable relationships with customers has been his passion for over two decades. For Nik, consulting doesn’t stop at the last slide. He likes to take ownership from beginning to end: translating a business vision into an actionable strategy, but also taking on the responsibility of implementing the strategy and ultimately achieving strong results.

Nik is passionate about his two sons and anything with wheels. He likes to cycle, tour on his motorbike, and make trips with his 1960-MGA old-timer car.

Willie Law
Strategy & Operations Lead, Asia Pacific

Willie’s strong commercial acumen and attention to process has helped him bring structure and guidance to leadership teams around the globe, enabling their brands to grow.

Willie’s expertise lies in helping companies design, implement, and improve their customer engagement, customer experience, and employee experience strategies. Willie has worked with most operational productivity methodologies, including Taylorism, Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Kanban, Quality Circle, and ISO 9000/1.

Willie is based in our Sydney office, but has partnered with clients from around the world on major operational, productivity, and transformational improvement projects. These have included copper mining in Zambia, building submarines in Asia, barge building on the mighty Mississippi, and digital transformation in Australia. He has also transformed customer engagement in contact centers for healthcare, telecommunications, and financial services organizations throughout Asia. Good thing he enjoys to travel!

Willie has held senior managerial roles for organizations such as Dell,, Proudfoot Consulting, Software Spectrum (Level 3), Navitas, Australian Institute of Management (AIM), and the Highland Group. He has ‘walked the talk’ of operational improvement and change management in start-up, post–acquisition, and merger environments.

Willie holds an honors degree in Systems Science and Management from City University, London, and continues to try to find time to finish his law degree.

Matt Johns
Customer Experience Lead, Asia Pacific

Matt loves helping clients make the connection between strategy and true customer experience. This means understanding emotions and how we make both rational and irrational decisions.

He believes there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client suddenly “get it” and realize their true potential. Gone are the days of blindly creating a product or service, running a quick focus group, and pouring money into a flashy marketing campaign. Matt understands that customers today want so much more.

Matt helps clients throughout the Asia Pacific region define their customer experience strategy, identify steps for reaching their goals, and develop a deep understanding of their customers’ evolving needs and expectations. He uses this insight to develop innovative solutions that truly transform customer experience.

Based in Sydney and Auckland, Matt draws on his extensive experience in both consulting and industry. In addition to his recent strategy experience at Deloitte, he is the former Head of Direct Distribution and Head of KiwiSaver at Tower in New Zealand. Matt is also an ex-police officer, and frequently draws on this experience to help his clients understand how humans think and why they act in seemingly unpredictable ways.

As a down-to-earth New Zealander, Matt uses his Kiwi sense of humor to put stakeholders at ease, while challenging them to think ahead.


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