Client Story

Training for Greatness

A leading financial services company impresses its members with a team of highly-trained P&C insurance agents.

The Challenge

Support members with licensed agents, across state lines

A leading insurance and financial services company was looking to expand its team of licensed P&C insurance agents to enhance its relationship with members. The company needed representatives who could be quickly trained and licensed to assist members in multiple states, because many members move around the country frequently. The company engaged us as a partner for this project based on our demonstrated efficiency and effectiveness in prior successful training engagements within the organization’s other units.

The Solution

Two-pronged, expedited on-boarding process

Our hiring practices are customized to each licensed and sales position. For P&C, recruiting efforts focus on licensed representatives and unlicensed representatives who have the aptitude to become licensed, along with sales aptitude. The two-pronged approach allowed us to ramp more quickly by shortening the on-boarding timeline, while ensuring existing licensed representatives bring the client’s culture and appreciation of the company’s mission to be member-centric with them.

Candidates with the aptitude to become licensed went through our MatchPoint Pre-licensing Assessment program, in which we evaluated their sales acumen and ability to handle complex tasks, along with a structured behavioral interview. The approach helped judge whether these candidates were confident and skilled enough to support this type of work. Several days of training were also dedicated to helping representatives understand the client’s culture and mission, as well as common phrases and terminology used by members during interactions.

Additionally, we designed a training course to serve as realistic role play, tailoring a separate simulation specifically for the P&C business unit. The course was comprehensive and interactive, featuring various exercises such as conversations with new versus long-time clients, and simulated calls with clients.

Incredible Results

The happiest customers, in just 45 days

As a result, the client ramped up its P&C team in a short time frame and effectively engaged more members. Over the course of nearly four months, we hired and trained 375 representatives who were licensed to sell P&C insurance across 19 states. Furthermore, providing representatives with an in-depth education on the client’s culture and customer base enabled them to successfully connect with members. In fact, within 45 days of completing the training course, 96 percent of the representatives achieved the highest level of satisfaction scores from customers.

Looking ahead, the client had initially planned to have an internal team handle the expansion of its P&C team into an additional 29 states. But based on the success of our partnership, the company asked us to manage the project instead. In other words, by hiring and training representatives to not only match but exceed the high level of customer service that the client is known for, the client has seen fit to entrust us with nearly 50 percent of call volume that was previously handled internally.


reps licensed across 19 states


of reps
achieved highest level
of CSAT scores

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